Lower Operating Costs

All Rotowash machines use up to 90% less* water and cleaning chemical than other conventional cleaning methods, which means large areas can be cleaned between filling and emptying. Minimal water consumption also means smaller overall machine size, less weight to move and ease of use. A Rotowash is as quick and easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner, but with the results of a commercial cleaners.

Rotowash machines produce a high quality rapid scrub, wash and dry on all types of hard floors and carpets, leaving the floors ready to walk on within minutes.

Fast...effective cleaning

Square metres per hour cleaning productivity

The above chart indicates examples of the floor cleaning productivity achieved per hour using Rotowash machines.

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Reduce Costs- achieve cleaner, more hygienic floors

Increased Productivity - faster cleaning and drying

Environmentally Friendly - using up to 90% less water & chemicals.*

Quality Assurance - Internationally recognised

 Double the cleaning action: Our twin contra-rotating brushes rotate at 650 rpm, delivering a very efficient and effective cleaning action that conventional floor cleaners cannot match.

  Smart Design: It's not what it does; but 'HOW IT DOES' that ensures effective, effortless cleaning results.

  Versatility: Your rotowash can clean into corners, recesses and along skirting without leaving brush marks or splashes on your walls.

 Portability: Compactand easy to move around with built in carry wheels, or from site to site on a rotocart.

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Brush diameter: Large diameter brushes give higher surface speeds (5 meter per second) and reduced working time.

 Brush removal: Remove and clean brushes in seconds without the need for tools. Experience has taught us that operators are less inclined to remove and clean brushes after use, where tools are required. This will compromise hygiene and can result in cross contamination of area's.

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 One tough pick up drum: We don't have a complexed, costly to maintain pick up system, NO multiple rubber conveyor belts, NO mulitple parts, NO lubricants to be regularly applied to belts. Rotowash has a single, tough rotating pick up drum onto which the dirty solution is thrown by centrifugal force from both brushes and then collected in the recovery tank. Now that's simple, very effective, and low cost to maintain.

One tough pick-up drum

 Applying Cleaning solution: The cleaning solution is applied in a forward direction, ensuring that both brushes provide maximum retrieval of waste in a single pass. Unlike systems that deliver to the front and rear of a machine which ensures that a double pass must always occur to retrieve the solution left behind in the opposite direction of travel.

 Clean water tank/s: The clean water tank/s simply lift out of the machine and are extremely easy to clean. 

 Recovery tank: The recovery tank is situated on the rear and simply lifts out and cleaned in seconds. The dirty solution is efficiently removed from the pick-up drum by one long life stainless steel blade, which can be changed in seconds without tools.

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Manufacturing floor cleaners for over 42 years

After using many different types of floor cleaning equipment over 10 years; Rotowash....Hands Down.... is the most effective multi surface cleaner I've ever used, easy to operate, low operating cost, just a smart, simple system that works every time...." Dinesh Rahman


The Difference: It' not what it does,

but 'HOW' it does it.

Clean carpets and all hard floors using the one machine

  • rotowash - the orginal

    Due to our unique orginal design twin cylindrical contra-rotating brush system, the contra rotation of our brushes actually combs, lifts and opens your flattened carpet pile in both directions at the same time. ( like running your fingers through your hair from back to front at the same time).This unique key action releases the trapped soiling from deep within the pile; which is left behind by other types of floor cleaners that fail to remove the deep dirt which so often results in the bad odours you experience after you have just had your carpet cleaned. Regular maintenance with a rotowash will restore your floor covering and remove the trapped dirt and thus release the source of these odours.

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  • efficiency by design

    Rotowash's unique twin contra rotating brush system applies 10 times the cleaning contact pressure of conventional flat pad rotating scrubbing machines. As each rotating rotowash bristle leaves contact with the cleaning surface at 650 rpm, the dirt and waste water is instantly flicked onto the tough rotating pick-up drum, returning the bristles cleaned before coming into contact with the surface again.

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    Effective results with ease

    With up to 600,000 contra rotating bristles cleaning at 650rpm and exerting up to 10 times the cleaning pressure of conventional flat pad type rotary floor cleaning machines, Rotowash delivers exceptional efficiency and cleaning power, with soft, medium or hard brushes reaching deep into the irregularities of all types of floor surfaces, from Tiles to Carpets and so much more.

  • the very best in austrian engineering

    Rotowash floorcleaning machines are designed and manufactured at our state of the art facilities in Austria, using material and components of the highest quality. The management and production systems we employ undergo frequent audits by the British Standards Institute (BSI-ISO 9001). Further rotowash products are regularly audited and approved by these leading organisations above.

    We place Safety, Quality, Ergonomics and Eco-awareness at the very heart of all our design principles.

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    sustainable efficiency

    Since 1971, the core ROTOWASH principles have reconciled the economy, society and the environment with a cross pragmatic approach to sustainable development by establishing a virtuous circle between these three pillars.

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